Code Project

Here are several articles I've added to code project.

Twitter Made Easy

As social media grows ever more popular, an increasing number of businesses want to integrate it in some way into their existing sites. There are open source libraries that make this task much easier, but getting the initial OAuth authentication setup and working can still be difficult. To fix this problem, I've created a very simple library build on top of the TweetSharp library. With a few web.config settings and two lines of code, you can have Twitter access up and running and get on to more important things.

Dynamic image resizing

I often want to resize images on my website, but I don't want to have to do that every time I change my mind about the size the images should be. To deal with that, I use http handlers to dynamically resize the images.

Dynamically add/remove user controls

This is an example of how to dynamically add and create user controls, and let .Net handle the updating the viewstate for you. In this way, you can add and remove controls with complex layouts without having to specifically update the viewstate of every control each time the control is added to the page.

User Confirmation

This is a small user control I created that will display a message and fade it away in a few seconds. This is useful if you want to confirm to the user that a record was added, setting updated, etc. but don't want the message to stay on the screen for long.

I later discovered that using JQuery would have made the fade in/fade out aspect of this easier, but I still like how this is integrated into a .Net control and can be called directly from the code behind.